Jet Washing & Cleaning

Our jet washing and cleaning service is a process that could seem relatively simple but can cause a lot of issues if done improperly. Of course it is nice to restore anything without having to rebuild, which could mean this is the service for you. Our professional equipment clears away years of muck and dirt that builds up bringing drive ways, patios and other surfaces back to life. Obviously we do this with all the care that is required to ensure that you don’t end up dealing with tell tale signs of inexperienced cleaning such as deterioration, discolouration and paint being stripped away.

Did you know? Pressure washers typically used for this type of work dish out up to 4000 psi of pressure. That’s enough to slice through human tissue (and this is a common injury) or blind a person. Lest we forget that once you’ve cut yourself open, you are then pumping cleaning products into an open wound at high pressure – Ouch!

Urban Landscapes work comes fully backed with a 5 Year guarantee and second independent 5 year insurance with HomePro Insurance.
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